The Pot Doctor

“When the law is unjust, resistance is mandatory”

For over 20 years Andrew Katelaris has researched the medicinal properties of cannabis. Despite being deregistered as a practitioner in 2006, Katelaris continues to prescribe, produce and distribute cannabis oil to a dozen families with children suffering from brain damaging and life threatening seizures. Incessant legal pressure has done nothing but fuel Andrew’s passion as he vows to fight “the draconian laws” and social paranoia surrounding this “life saving medicine.”



Director: Andy McCallum
Producer: Andy McCallum
Executive Producers: Ned Donohoe, Kristian Michail
Editors: Abe Wynen, Victor Paolini
Camera: Ned Donohoe, Abe Wynen, Marcus Cropp
Sound Recordist: Alex Siddons, Andy McCallum
Sound mix: Nathan Workman

Colourist: Victor Paolini

Marketing Director: Sophie Seyd


‘Unfinished History’ – Tristan Hallis (Oswald)
‘Cylinder Three’ – Chris Zabriskie
‘My Best and Only Friend’ – PC III

Archival Footage Courtesy Of: Sani-Vue Educational Films

Story Influencers:

Tess Hayley
Madeleine Lumley